Amazing Ways To Wrap Gifts For Someone Special

When you receive a gift in a beautifully wrapped box you feel special. This is because you know there was both thought and effort put into not only the gift but the wrapping. There are so many ways to make your gift charming and unique so the recipient will feel appreciated and loved. Your creativity has no limits and you can use materials including flowers, ribbons, and hearts. String and clothespins can be extraordinary and even peculiar items such as keys, pixel weaves, and chalkboard wrapping paper can be delightfully unique. You do not have to settle for the classic and ultimately boring box and you can make anything from Valentine’s day to birthdays to anniversaries exciting and refreshing for someone special.

Taking the time to make flowers out of fabric to use instead of a common bow adds personality and elegance to your gift. You can choose the recipients favorite colors and the flowers will be kept along with the gift with the fondest of memories. Gorgeous roses can be made by using felt in all different sizes. Depending on the choice of color you can portray country charm or decadent luxuriousness. The choice is all yours depending on the tastes of the recipient. You can simply use one large rose or surround it with a cluster of smaller roses. Mix and match different colors for a look that is dramatic and stylish.

Enhance your flowers even further by applying small drops of glue in strategic places and sprinkling them with glitter. Your roses will shimmer, shone, and captivate the eye. Use different tones of glitter that match the colors of your roses or be daring and sprinkle gold glitter on a red rose or silver glitter on a luscious peach rose. Use your imagination and craft sensational roses out of any color of paper or add a distinctive look and use newspaper. Insert brightly colored ribbon in the center of your roses or tie the package with a delightful black and white striped ribbon as the perfect accent.

Burlap bags are a lovely alternative to a plain cardboard box. Fashion a rose and attach it to the string tie for an enchanting gift to make the recipient smile. To really enchant your gift, make roses out of individual petals made of fabric. You can even attach a magnificent bead in the center for a touch of extra dazzle. Use different numbers, colors, or arrangements of roses to create a spectacular wrapping. Roses made from rolled paper can be extraordinary and make your gift incredibly personal and unique. Calla lilies made out of red paper are riveting and can be matched with a silky red ribbon tied around your package or candy boxes. Calla lilies can be made with a contrasting color at the center for a look that is scintillating.

Word search wrapping paper immediately draws eyes to your gift and comes with different words highlighted so your message is instantly personalized. Use an eye-catching doily on the top of your gift and tie a piece of pretty string around the box. Then attach a sweet heart tag on your card with a clothespin for a distinctive look. Place your gift in a lovely fabric pouch and attach a heart tag with string or twine wrapped around the bag. Secure the top with a clothespin and your wrapping become remarkable. Use a gift wrap made of fabric and accented with a fabric rose or ribbon for a wrapping that is both delightful and reusable.

Pixel weaves are amazing wrappings and available in vibrant colors. Brocade paper can be used with washi tape and when you secure a special little card to the bow with a paperclip topped with a felt heart your creativity becomes unstoppable. Make a statement for Valentine’s day with red paper hearts or decorate your gift with hearts in a classic vintage style. Go all out with fabric ribbons and lace for a look of elegance or decorate with plain brown paper accented with a bow and faux chocolate hearts for a sweet Valentine’s day surprise. The options are nearly endless with paper resembling an old-fashioned chalkboard, pudding wrap, candy jars, and decorative keys.


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